About Us

It looked like a fun thing to try...

GS Three Dimensional started out as a fun side hobby. I received my first 3D printer back in 2017, and it arrived as a big box of parts. That printer took a while to get put together and working the way I wanted, but once I was able to get it dialed in, I was hooked! Back then, 3D printing provided me with a creative outlet and allowed me to design whatever I wanted. I was always working on something new.

A few years later, my sister was accepted to the University of Texas.  As a gift, I designed and 3D printed a light modeled after the UT Tower. Soon after, I started getting requests from her friends who wanted their own, and when someone casually suggested I open an online business, the idea instantly sparked something in me. It was the beginning of GS Three Dimensional, and I have been gradually designing new products for the site ever since.

Now I am an aspiring engineer and own several 3D printers. I have loved developing my business, working with new people, and learning how to design different things. 

I hope you will check out my shop, and please feel free to message us if there is something specific you are looking for. Thank you!