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GS Three Dimensional

Primary color

NC State Light in Red or White

NC State Light in Red or White

Looking for an NC State Wolfpack graduation gift, or something for a newly admitted NCSU student? Our 3-D printed NC State Memorial Bell Tower lights have so many uses! The towers could be used as a North Carolina State University graduation gift, something for an NC State alumni, or even something to include as part of your NCSU dorm room essentials! Also available in red. Other uses for the lights:

  • A college acceptance gift.

  • An NC State party decoration. We have had our larger towers used as centerpieces at events and at weddings. After you use it for your event, you are left with a unique accessory for your home!

  • Office decor

  • An accessory for a man cave!

  • Graduation gifts for a group of students.

  • A hostess gift for an NC State grad.

  • A decoration for a tailgate!

Available in red or white. The red light has a soft glow (as opposed to a bright light).

The NC State Tower light is battery operated, using a CR2032 battery (included). This light is approximately 10.5" high and the base is approximately 5.75" in diameter.

Each of our items are 3-D printed from PLA plastic and are made to order. We do our best to ship all orders out as soon as possible (normally by the next business day).

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