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GS Three Dimensional

Penn State Old Main Ornament

Penn State Old Main Ornament

If you are searching for Penn State Christmas gifts, college merch, art or decor, look no further! This Penn State ornament designed in honor of the Old Main building is a perfect solution! These 3D printed Christmas ornaments look beautiful from all angles! Some other uses for the Penn State Old Main ornaments:

  • Use them to decorate a Penn State tree!

  • Something to include with gift bags for a group of Penn friends

  • Pin or tie them to a wreath for a Penn State Christmas decoration!

  • Use the ornaments to decorate a mantel during the holidays!

  • Show your school spirit by hanging the ornaments on a window!

  • Use them as a hostess gift for a Penn State graduate!

  • Attach them to a gift for a Penn State alumni

This Old Main ornament measures approximately 4.2" long x 3.8" tall x 3" wide.

Each of our items are custom made and 3-D printed to order, constructed from PLA plastic. We do our best to ship all orders out as soon as possible (normally by the next business day).

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